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Cedon Professional Uncorking Machine - 021


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The CEDON is a professional, premium quality, uncorking machine with a robust and durable construction and is easily mounted to a bar or counter top. The smooth operating lever is easy to use pulling down to drill the worm into the cork and moved back up to remove the cork with minimal effort.  With the nickel plated finish and the comfortable stained beechwood handle the Cedon will enhance your wine opening experience.
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Cedon Uncorking Machine 021 Table Mounted

This premium quality professional uncorking machine is designed to last a lifetime with its robust and durable construction. This tabletop tool is made with quality and precision for a perfect wine opening job and is a must-have tool for every wine enthusiast! With the integrated clamp for easy attachment to any table or counter, this is an awesome gift idea or home accessory for any wine connoisseur!

The Cedon has proven itself time and time again,  in over 50 years of production in professional use in hotels, restaurants and many other establishments serving quality wines.  Pulling the hand lever down drills the worm into the cork and lifting the handle back up removes the cork effortlessly.

The mechanism of the Cedon uncorking machine consists of 18 parts which work smoothly and quietly, each part can be replaced easily and in the rare event a spare part for the Cedon be reuired they can be supplied at short notice.



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Weight 2.35 kg
Dimensions 56 × 15 × 9 cm

Mechanische Werkstätte

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