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Tre Spade TC-8 Inox - F10800/I


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A compact stainless steel meat mincer suitable for occasional home use.   The Tre Spade TC-8 Inox is supplied with a 6mm diameter hole stainless steel grinding plate you can mince your own meat, fish or soft vegetables. Setting up the machine takes seconds it just requires clamping to a workbench or counter top. With optional accessories you can make your own sausages, purees, grate cheese and nuts, and even make pasta or biscuit shapes. Hygienic and quick and easy to clean after use this versatile machine is an ideal addition for your home kitchen.
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Tre Spade TC-8 Inox - Manual Meat Mincer

The best, space saving manual meat grinder in stainless steel, this manual meat mincer is ideally suited for occasional home use.

The mincing body, worm, ring nut, mincing plate, knife and handle are made from stainless steel - this compact meat mincer is hygienic, robust and will last for generations.

The supplied grinding plate has 6mm holes and other size plates are available under meat mincer accessories.  With the other optional accessories you can use this machine as a sausage filler to make your own sausages or make your own tomato passata or vegetable purees as well as grating cheese and nuts or even produce your own pasta or shaped biscuits.

Quick and easy to clean after use.

Dimensions: 26 x 9 x 24 cm.

Weight 2.3 kg.

Recommended Accessories:

Tre Spade Meat Mincer Size 8 – Funnels for Sausage Filling - Sausage filling funnels for size 8 meat mincers use with the Tre Spade Plastic Spacer Plate – F08291

Tre Spade Biscuit Mould Size 8 Meat Mincer – F10830 - Make your own shaped biscuits or pasta from dough with this accessory for meat mincers (size 8).

Tre Spade Tomato Squeezer + Vegetable Strainer Set for Size 8 Manual Mincer – F13850/I - Make your own purees, grate cheese and nuts with this optional accessory set for the Tre Spade TC-8 Inox



Additional information

Weight 2.55 kg
Dimensions 29 × 22 × 11 cm

Tre Spade

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